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PAS 2035 covers how to assess dwellings for retrofit, identify improvement options, design and specify energy efficiency measures and monitor retrofit projects. Such retrofits are absolutely essential to help reduce the carbon emissions from homes and to help tackle climate change.
Originating from the work of the Each Home Counts review, PAS aims to establish a robust framework of standards on how to conduct effective, whole house energy retrofits of existing buildings.

The ABBE Level 3 Certificate for Retrofit Assessors qualification has been developed to enable those working in the construction and built environment sector to take a qualification which covers the PAS2035 Retrofit Assessor role. The qualification will meet regulatory requirements and will use the Accreditation Schemes to produce the report.

This qualification is designed to cover all aspects of PAS2035 Retrofit Assessor role giving the learner the knowledge, understanding and skills to carry out an assessment and produce a condition report. It includes understanding the principles and standards of retrofit, understand the building structures, appraisal of buildings and occupancy assessments which are all essential in this role.

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Level 3 Certificate for Retrofit Assessors

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