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This qualification has been brought about by the Government’s 2008 enactment of Articles 7 and 10 of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive. Legislation defines the type of public buildings that are required to produce a Display Energy Certificate (DEC).

DEC energy ratings are based on metered/recorded annual energy consumption and must be accompanied by an Advisory report on first issue. The Advisory Report provides advice on how to improve the operational rating by both improving the building and by improving the way that energy is managed. The DEC must be renewed annually, whilst the Advisory Report is to be renewed after 7 years.

DECs are produced by qualified and accredited Operational Ratings Assessors who hold a licence to practice, a status that will be achieved through achievement of the ABBE Level 3 Diploma in Operational Ratings and membership of an appropriate accreditation scheme.

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Level 3 Diploma in Operational Ratings

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