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The need for this qualification has been brought about by the Government’s need to implement Articles 7 and 10 of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive. Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs), energy ratings for buildings, which are similar to consumer-friendly ‘fridge ratings’, have been implemented via a gradual rollout programme since April 2008 and are required for the sale or rent of buildings other than dwellings.

EPCs outline the costs of energy use in buildings, provide an Energy Efficiency Rating and give practical advice on how to cut these costs and reduce emissions together with suggested efficiency measures some of which may qualify for Green Deal funding.

EPCs are produced by qualified and accredited non domestic energy assessors who hold a licence to practice. This status is achieved through the ABBE Level 4 Diploma in Non Domestic Energy Assessment (QCF) and membership of a Government approved accreditation scheme. This is a professional qualification required for those who pursue a career as a Non-Domestic Energy Advisor (NDEA).

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Level 4 Diploma in Non Domestic Energy Assessment

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