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The need for qualification has arisen from approaches by the Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors (FPWS) group who deal with party wall matters on a day-to-day basis and recognise the need for increased understanding of ‘the Act’ among existing practitioners in the surveying and building sectors.
Knowledge and practice relating to party wall matters generally forms a very small part of existing qualifications in the surveying and construction sectors, yet the need to deal with party wall matters is a regular occurrence for practitioners and is not uncommon to find that party wall legislation is ignored or poorly implemented.
The FPWS see this qualification as a way of accrediting the knowledge of party wall legislation for practicing individuals in the surveying and constructions sectors and thus helping to improve practice in this area where currently many mistakes are made by existing professionals.
This qualification is seen as accredited CPD for the surveying and construction sector and a way of improving knowledge of party wall matters so that difficulties and disputes in this area can be minimised in the future. It is consequently aimed at existing qualified professionals, but there is no reason why the single unit knowledge award could not be offered at a training stage.

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Level 3 Award Party Wall etc. Act 1996

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