Ofqual, our regulator, are introducing a temporary framework, the VTQ Extraordinary Framework, to meet the current unprecedented circumstances. The implementation of these temporary arrangements is challenging, especially when we are all living and working within the necessary government restrictions.

Ofqual has, however, set out permitted approaches in their temporary framework to promote consistency and fairness and in line with this guidance we are now working through the details for each qualification we offer, which fall into the following categories:

    • Category 1 – Qualifications used for progression to further or higher education
    • Category 2 – Qualifications serving a mixed/dual-purpose (progression to further or higher education or employment)
    • Category 3 – Qualifications signalling occupational competence or license to practice

We appreciate that this current situation is concerning and frustrating for you and your learners and we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your patience as we work through the details of the processes and requirements to ensure you have everything you need to move your learners on.
We are committed to developing a process that, as far as possible, will:

    • be practical and manageable for centres
    • support the validity and reliability of learner results
    • maintain standards

Where it is possible for assessments to continue as normal, we do not propose to prevent this. We do not, however, consider that there will be many examples where we will be able to do this.

We will be giving specific direction over the coming days and weeks. These arrangements will require time, effort, understanding and different ways of doing things – by both learners and centres.

Further information can be found on Ofquals FAQs