ABBE has invested in an online E Proctoring Service. We are working with OnVue to deliver this.

We can offer use of this to our centres, costs are as follows:
• £1000 one off access to system fee
• £1000 per examination published
• £70 per examination, per learner – any resits of failed assessments will be charged at this fee

Centres using other E proctoring Systems

We recognise that centres may use their own E proctoring systems, this is acceptable to ABBE. However, the following protocols must be in place before we will accept assessments undertaken via an E proctoring system:

• ABBE must be notified of the system to be used before assessments take place. We require a minimum of two weeks’ notice of the system proposed
• ABBE will require a copy of the examination material annotated to show where each of the assessment criteria are being met, additionally we will require answer grids

Minimum E Proctoring System Requirement

• Learner validation against UK recognised identification materials i.e. Passport or Valid Photographic Driving Licence
• A full lock down of the browser options, to ensure that only the E proctoring system is open
• Prevention of printing during the assessment
• Prevention of desktop access
• Prevention of copy and paste from outside of the assessment browser
• Prevention of screencast options
• Validation that the room in which the assessment is taking place is free from materials which may assist the assessment
• Validation that the room does not have any other people present
• Constant human and/or AI proctoring
• Automatic suspected malpractice ending of the assessment
• Proctor intervention, if required, to assure the security of the assessment
• Full activity reports, including video recordings which can be made available to ABBE as required

As E proctoring systems adapt and evolve, the requirements for use of these systems will change. We will give adequate notice of any changes to the minimum specifications that ABBE will accept.