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L3 Certificate in Air Conditioning Energy Assessment

CertACEAL311 Level 3

The need for the ABBE Level 3 Certificate in Air Conditioning Energy Assessment has been brought about by the Government’s implementation of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive in England and Wales. Air conditioning assessments and reports have been introduced for all buildings where comfort cooling is provided by air conditioning systems with an effective rated output of more than 12kw. The ABBE Level 3 CertACEA has been developed to meet the needs of the industry for a qualification that recognises the particular skills of Air Conditioning Energy Assessors. At level 3 learners will be undertaking air conditioning energy assessments on unitary, simple and multi split packaged and simple VRF/VRV air conditioning plant, equipment and systems. All other systems, including those involving ductwork and air handling equipment are Level 4 systems. Air conditioning Energy Performance Certificates will be produced by qualified and accredited Air Conditioning Energy Assessors who hold a licence to practice. This status will be achieved through the ABBE Level 3 Certificate in Air Conditioning Energy Assessment and by being accepted by a government-approved Accreditation Scheme operator. The ABBE Level 3 CertACEA is available to both experienced practitioners who might not be eligible to qualify through one of the Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL) schemes and also to those who have little or no previous background knowledge or experience of air conditioning systems.


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    ECMK Ltd


    Elmhurst Energy


    Energy Trust


    Northern Energy Training


    Stroma Certification Ltd


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