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L2 Award in Allergen Awareness

AwardAAL217 Level 2

In December 2014, the UK introduced new legislation to address the difficulties experienced by those who suffer allergies.  Those who are involved in the food preparation industry must be aware of the fourteen main allergens and where they may be found in food.


All food handlers have a legal responsibility to ensure that the food they manufacture, sell and/or serve is safe for consumption by consumers, particularly when providing food products to those with food allergies and intolerance.


This qualification has been designed to provide learners with the necessary knowledge relating to foods that commonly trigger allergic reactions and to develop an understanding of the legal responsibilities of all food handlers regarding allergen labelling and declaring those allergens that are present within your food products.


This qualification is a bespoke award and is only available through Train4Academy; please click on the above link 'Where can I do this qualification' for contact details.




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