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Award in Housing Health and Safety Rating System

AwardHHSRS16 Level n/a

The Housing Health & Safety Rating System (HHSRS) is a risk-based evaluation tool that helps housing associations and local authorities identify and protect against potential hazards to health and safety from deficiencies in their residential properties.


The HHSRS covers a range of issues, from heating, insulation, condensation, falls and fires to electrics, carbon monoxide, noise and asbestos.


The core aim of the qualification is to provide those who carry out surveys of residential accommodation with the basic knowledge and competence to rate those hazards appropriately. Most importantly, they should be able to justify their decisions.  Also to focus on additional levels of skills and knowledge to improve consistency of assessment, present assessments in a format that support detailed scrutiny, and generally improve the organisation’s capability to administer HHSRS related activities.


This qualification is for anyone who assesses properties using the HHSRS. It is ideal for housing officers or managers, estate managers, environmental health officers or private building managers. It is also for managers who need to supervise staff who are assessing properties.  A sound knowledge of construction is required.


This qualification is a bespoke award that is only available through Upkeep Training; please click on  the above link 'Where can I do this qualification' for contact details.

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