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L4 Award in U-Value Calculation

AwardUVCL414 Level 4

The need for this qualification has arisen from approaches by software providers of programmes designed to aid the calculation of U-values. Practitioners using the software should be able to calculate U-values by hand as well as using software, so that they have a thorough understanding of the concepts related to U-value.


Knowledge and practice relating to U-value generally forms a very small part of existing qualifications in the surveying, building design and construction sectors, yet the need to deal with various aspects of U-value, as energy efficiency levels in new construction and refurbishment are driven upwards by the building regulations, has increased.


This award is seen as a way of accrediting the knowledge of U-value calculation for practicing individuals in the surveying, building design and construction sectors and thus helping to improve practice in this area.  It is seen as accredited CPD for the surveying, building design and construction sectors and a way of improving knowledge of U-value matters so that difficulties and disputes in this area can be minimised in the future.  It is consequently aimed at existing qualified professionals, but there is no reason why the two unit knowledge award could not be offered at a training stage.


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