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L3 Certificate in Domestic Infrared Thermography Class 1 Operators

CertDITL314 Level 3

This qualification is based on, but exceeds, the requirements of EN ISO 6781 for Class 1 thermographers. While the ISO 6781 description of a Class 1 thermographer is quite restrictive, i.e. thermographers can use a camera and perform basic analysis, they should work under the guidance of someone certified at a higher level, this ABBE qualification includes additional units that enable learners to act as independent thermographic surveyors. These units allow learners to demonstrate the professional knowledge, understanding and skills required to carry out independent thermographic surveys, analyse images and sign thermographic survey reports within the domestic built environment. Learners holding this qualification meet the competence requirements for thermographic surveys laid down in the BRE Home Quality Mark and BREEAM Domestic handbooks.


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