Qualification Information

It should be clear that undertaking the repair of sectional doors can be an extremely dangerous undertaking, often working with door leaves which can weigh hundreds of kilograms overhead, and with high tensile counterbalance springs, as well as other potentially lethal apparatus.

The purpose of the ABBE level 3 Award in Advanced Sectional Overhead Door: Faults & Repair qualification is to provide the learner with the ability to assess the risk of the repair situation in the first instance, create a methodology to reduce any risk to a minimum, use their experience to accurately diagnose faults, how to safely repair those faults while protecting themselves, and also ensuring the safety of those who may be used to being in the vicinity of the door.

The qualification includes, Health and Safety requirements, fault diagnosis, fault repair, what to do if the door is beyond immediate repair. The qualification includes industry safety standards which should be maintained on every sectional and roller shutter door and gives reference to Industry bodies who should be utilized to ensure the installer maintains the latest standard on any job they attend.

Basic commissioning of LOW VOLTAGE electrical equipment is included.

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ABBE Level 3 Award in Advanced Sectional Overhead Door: Faults and Repair