ABBE is regulated by Ofqual for a range of qualifications. Our qualifications are nationally recognised helping learners to achieve their full potential and ambitions.

ABBE was established in 1997 offering qualifications in the building and construction industry.  As an Awarding Organisation, ABBE’s role is to develop qualifications and assessments which are valid and reliable and are responsive to customer needs.

We approve colleges and training providers to deliver our qualifications, we set assessments and issue certificates to successful learners. Our expertise lies in developing qualifications that are vocational in nature and which complement work based learning and licence to practice ‘type’ learning.


We have developed expertise into the needs of all types and size of customers, working in partnership to deliver a range of qualifications and apprenticeships to meet their needs.

The qualifications that ABBE offer are suitable for preparing to work in a sector, for starting your career and/or for professional development.  We have developed considerable expertise in overseeing high quality assessment for qualifications ranging from level 1 to level 8 covering a variety of disciplines and a range of areas.  ABBE has the flexibility to design assessment methods to suit the needs of the learners.

In addition to offering nationally recognised qualifications, ABBE works directly with training centres and employers to develop bespoke qualifications to meet the specific needs of their learners and employees.

ABBE has a nationwide network of centres through which training and assessment(s) can be undertaken.


Our Mission

Our mission is to educate, inspire and empower learners.


Our Vision

every learner has the opportunity to achieve their fullest potential.


Values - Quality through Standards

Our aim is to provide a high quality experience by building a strong community of mutual support and trust.  We can use our collective talents to build meaningful partnerships to help us all to achieve our goals. ABBE is a recognised Awarding Organisation with strong professional integrity.

ABBE qualifications are recognised and respected nationally.

Why choose us

ABBE offers a range of vocational qualifications to the country’s workforce through a network of approved centres. ABBE is regulated by Ofqual (the regulator of qualifications, tests and examinations in England) to ensure quality in assessment.

ABBE qualifications are developed in conjunction with industry partners and Sector Skills Councils. ABBE plays a crucial role in developing qualifications that meet industry requirements and prepare people for, or give individuals the opportunity to progress to, specific work roles.

ABBE qualifications are recognised and respected nationally.
We may be able to provide a solution to you from our existing portfolio of qualifications or could work with you to develop something specifically to meet your, and your employees’, needs. For further information on how ABBE can help you, please contact us at

Sarah Bentley

Upkeep Training
The team at ABBE are just great. They are proactive, they understand our business and most importantly they care. We see them as an extended part of the Upkeep family; providing us with insight, technical input and outstanding quality assurance services which in tern helps us continue to thrive as a leading training provider in the repairs and maintenance sector

Sally wood

SW Training and Development
My organisation has worked with ABBE since 2018 offering Learning and Development qualifications. We found the Centre Approval process very straightforward with ABBE providing guidance both written and verbal. We have found the level of support and customer service to be extremely good. Help is only ever a phone call away. This applies to ABBE headquarters staff and my allocated EQA. We feel one of the unique features of this Awarding Organisation is that they take a personal interest in the Centre and we have named individuals who we can contact, when needed. The learner registration process is carried out via the web based Parnassus. Once we had used this and followed the detailed instructions, we found it to be a simple and speedy process. It is a pleasure to work with ABBE and we look forward to many more opportunities to do so.