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For a lot of installers in the Industrial door Industry, Sectional Door Installation is complete conundrum because, unlike most Industrial Doors, Sectional Overhead Doors are quite complex and need to be installed correctly to avoid recurring issues such as cables being thrown, the door being “light” at the top and “heavy” at the bottom when operating, which can lead to burn out of electric motors and controllers.

The purpose of the ABBE level 3 Certificate in Sectional Overhead Door: Advanced Installation is to give the learner an in-depth look at why sectional doors need to be installed accurately, not only for ease of operation, but also from a safety perspective, and product longevity.

The qualification includes, initial Health and Safety requirements, why it is important to check openings and equipment BEFORE starting the installation, the sequence to install the doors, the differences between the lift types, the effect the lift types have on cable drums and wire ropes. The qualification also includes the problems that can arise during the installation and how to overcome those problems.

Basic commissioning of LOW VOLTAGE electrical equipment is included.

This qualification covers installation of generic products. It should be clear that installers should always refer to specific manufacturer’s instructions when installing doors.

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Level 3 Certificate in Sectional Overhead Door: Advanced Installation